Transform your expat life and experience more balance by using an Expat coach who understands your needs

What you can expect from me as Expat Coach?

I use a wide range of coaching tools, like Outdoor Coaching and Embodied coaching.

With Outdoor coaching, we go outside, rain or shine. We walk side by side, towards a horizon, that will give you new insights into the questions that you have.

With Embodied coaching I will use breathing, focus, massage and touch to help you feel your body and to start listen to your body. This can be done outside and indoors.

The only Outdoor and Embodied Expat Coach in the Netherlands who combines Outdoor Coaching and Embodied Coaching and to take your life to the next level.

Cat Boersma Bluebell coaching expat coach

I help expats create a more fulfilling live

These are the coaching services we provide

Outdoor Coaching

We walk, you talk, I listen

Trauma Coaching

Your healing starts here!

Body Awareness

The body has the answers

Visionboard Workshop

Making your dreams and goals visible



The power of time underground before coming up in spring to grow strong and bloom fully in the early sunlight of the months April and May.

I chose this name as I find this flower mesmerising to watch. Early spring you can see the leaves starting to grow, and the anticipation of the flowers to follow. The beauty of the flowers on the stem, so delicate and at the same time the strength to withstand April storms, before going dormant for another year.

Just like most plants and trees need the seasons before they can come back stronger, we need that to. We need to follow the cycle of life, summer, fall, winter and spring before we can fully come to bloom. We need to work the land, sow, reap and rest, in order to fully use our potential.