So we are about 4 weeks after I returned from the UK, back from my self-imposed retreat. What have I taken back in my backpack?

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We all know that after a great holiday we want to try and hold on to that feeling. To do less and relax more. To make time to read that book and go for a walk. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I come back, I step back into the mayhem of everyday life. I might hold on to it for about 2 days, but after a week the feeling is gone. Work, family life, social life, sports, dog, they all demand a place in my life and a portion of my time. And I am ok with that.

A friend of my made the remark: “How was your extended holiday?”

It got me thinking, was it a holiday? And I have to say no. It was not. It was 2 months away from home to another home. I lived my life just on my own, with less distraction from work and family life. It wasn’t a holiday. Holiday for me is different, most of all a different mindset and shared experience with my family.

What was it then? It was time away to come to my senses, to take a step back and reflect. To see what I need, what I want and what needs to happen to change. Why change? Well, as part of my character, I am always busy. Physically busy & mentally busy, at least 16 hours of each day. Watching a movie with me on the couch is a real test of patient. As I feel the need to water the plants, boil water for tea, drink at least 2/3 cups of tea. Probably many more little tasks, I feel the need to do.

Mother Shipston cave – Knaresborough UK

What made me decide to go? Well last year I followed the body awareness coaching course. A fellow student decided to take 2 months off from her paid job. In the beginning I thought she was crazy. Why do you want to do that? Hello, limiting believes!

It got me thinking and I saw what it brought her. She had the opportunity and took it. It brought her so many beautiful insights. How do I create the opportunity? I am a business owner, so it is not that simple and how would my family react? That was easier then I thought, my family had to get used to the idea and fully supported me on my journey.  And the year leading up to my leaving was the start of my personal journey.

The retreat was the cherry on top of the cake.

The cherry that rounded up my year long journey. I went for nice long walks. I set down with a cuppa tea and stared across a meadow. I will take these memories with me in my backpack. What I take from all this, is the fact that anything is possible if you really want it.

I have decided that I will sell one business in due time. The fact that I am writing this is a hugh step. It has been long coming, but the decision is made. And that feels so good. It is already creating more head space for my coaching. That might sound soppy, but it is true. When pushing decisions into yet another day, you are not taking control.

I have taken back control and am looking forward to what the future holds.