You can create a physical vision board that you can hang anywhere in your home or office following these steps:

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Take some time to clarify your vision
  3. Find images and objects that represent your vision
  4. Arrange your materials
  5. Place your visionboard where you’ll see it often!

1. Gather your materials

To make a visionboard, you’ll need a variety of materials. In some cases, you can make do with what you have on hand. But some materials are more important than others. 

For instance, you’ll need a board as a base. There are several types of boards you can use, including:

If you don’t want to spend a ton on new items to make your vision board, it’s not necessary to use one of these types of bases. Instead, you can cut out a large piece of cardboard from a box you have at home. Or, you can purchase a large poster board.

You’ll also need images or items to add to the board. Those images can come from a variety of sources, including:

Next, you’ll need something to secure your items to your base. You can use what you have on hand or purchase what you prefer to use. Pins and clips work well. You can also use glue sticks or tape. If you’re making a magnetic board, you can use small magnets to secure your images.

Scissors will be useful to help you cut out your images.

Finally, you’ll need a variety of craft tools like pens, markers, paint, stickers, or anything else you want to use to embellish your board. You can use as little or as much of these materials as you desire.

2. Take some time to clarify your vision

Before you start crafting, take more than a few moments to clarify your vision. What do you want to manifest with your board? 

Get as clear as you can on your vision. Don’t rush this step. It’s the foundation for your entire board.  You will find that you get even more clarity, and detail, as you create the board.

Don’t distract yourself with other entertainment during this step, like watching TV in the background or talking to a family member while you’re thinking about your vision. It’s important to remain self-aware as you clarify your vision.

You can journal about it if it helps to write things down.

3. Find images and objects that represent your vision

You’ve already gathered your materials. Now, it’s time to prepare them to be displayed on your board. 

In addition to images, you can find quotes to add to your board. You can print them out or write them yourself with a nice pen or marker. 

Are there any items associated with memories from your life that spark the feeling you’re envisioning? If so, consider adding it to your board.

You can even add craft items like scraps of fabric. Or, you can include items from nature like tree branches if it makes sense with your goals. For instance, adding some leaves or pine needles could remind you that you want to spend more time in nature.

4. Arrange your materials

Now it’s time to take everything you’ve prepared and arrange your board.

Have some fun with this step. Your layout should inspire you. There’s no need to rush it. 

Feel free to play around with different layout options until it feels just right for you. This process is part of developing a clearer, more detailed vision for the future.

You may discover that you’re missing something when you get to this point. Don’t hesitate to go back if you want to add anything new.

When you’re done, secure everything in place with your binding material of choice. Don’t secure your items too quickly. Make sure you’re happy with it. If you’re using pins or clips, it’s easy to change things around. But if you’re gluing or taping your materials, it’ll be much more difficult to change your mind afterward.

5. Place your vision board where you’ll see it often

It’s finally time to place your vision board. Choose a place that makes sense for you. It should be easily accessible daily.

You can try:

Make sure not to secure your vision board too tightly in its new home. This is just in case you change your mind about the placement.

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Manifestation ideas for your visionboard

Now you know how to create a visionboard from scratch. But it can be difficult to start when there’s so much you want to accomplish.

Let’s go over some manifestation ideas to inspire what items to add to your board.

How to use your vision board 

There are several ways you can use your newly created vision board to help your affirmations come to life.

First, consider including your vision board in your daily self-care routine. You can take time for yourself every morning to look at your vision board. Meditate and use the images you’ve created to inspire your meditation.

You can do the same thing in the evening before you go to bed. Instead of scrolling through your phone in your bed, take some self-care time to look at your vision board and meditate on your vision again.

This isn’t magic. It’s shaping your thoughts and reinforcing your priorities. It’s motivating. The last thing you’ll think about before you go to sleep will be what you envision for your life. Isn’t that powerful?

When you create your vision board, you can also leave some areas blank to make room for what you want. You’re always growing as a person. It makes sense that you’ll have new goals to develop over time. 

Another technique you can use is to speak your goals out loud. When you look at your vision board, speak affirmation of your capability to realize your goals. I am enough. I have all of the tools and resources I need to X. I can do this. You can even incorporate speaking into your meditation if it works well for you.

You aren’t “speaking your goals into existence” so much as reinforcing positive self-talk in your mind. Achieving your dreams is hard enough without a runaway train of negative self-talk to contend with. 

One of the best ways to make your vision board work is to make sure you don’t just visualize. You also have to take action. 

If you want to get your dream job, start developing the skills you need to succeed in this position. If you want to travel more, open a new savings account and set up automatic transfers every month. If you want to spend more time outdoors, add some dedicated time to your calendar for outdoor activities.

Finally, refresh your board when you feel the need to do so. You’ll know it’s time to refresh the board when looking at it no longer inspires you the way it used to. Maybe your passion and true north have changed over time.

Learn how to create a vision board to accomplish your goals this year 

Now that you know how to create a vision board, hopefully you can see that it’s a fun and creative way to visualize and make your goals a reality. This tool is especially effective if you find it helpful to have a daily reminder of where you’re headed. Whenever you have to make a difficult decision, you’ll have your vision board to help guide you in the right direction.

Another powerful way to manifest your vision is to work with a coach to get clear on what you want and create a plan of action. Achieving your goals and growing into your best self isn’t always easy, but it’s much easier when you have the right support.