Embodied coaching for expats

What can you expect from a Embodied Coach?

It’s all about fully involving the body in a coaching session. Many coaches are mainly focused on talking. You go to a session and talk. As a result, your coach asks specific questions and in this way you get an insight, result or solution.

An Embodied Coach also asks questions, but above all lets you experience your body. How exactly is this done?

By using the breath, focus, massage, touch & energetic bodywork, the body can tell were it hurts, were energy is low and what needs attention.

But first I want to emphasize that Embodied Coaching is not vague and floaty. The reason why it sounds a bit strange to most people is that in the west we are not used to listening to the body. We are rational, we let ourselves be guided mainly by thoughts in our heads.

And that while it all starts with the body, our main instrument and vehicle. It’s the first thing you became aware of right after you were born.

Cat Boersma Bluebell coaching expat coach

Who is Embodied Coaching for?

– For people who are tired of always being stuck in their heads, of always making decisions purely on cognition and actually want to return to their own feeling.

– For career tigers who are so busy that they no longer pay attention to what their body actually has to tell them.

– For all those who run from place to place and flop down dead tired on the couch with Netflix on the tube on their rare evenings off, instead of paying attention to their body.