Expat Coaching

Expat Coaching

I have experienced what expats go through when moving. Are you;

… feeling uprooted?

… missing family and friends at home?

… can’t find a connection?

… loss of self-esteem due to language?

… loneliness?

… feeling overwhelmed?

… experiencing problems with integration?

… culture shock?

… loss of confidence in one’s own abilities?

Just a few problems that you as an Expat face when you go abroad.

With Outdoor Coaching and Embodied Coaching you have a unique set of tools to coach with. You will take the next step in taken back control of your life

Cat boersma coaching an expat in bosbad Amersfoort

Why Choose Bluebell Coaching

benefit 1

With Outdoor Coaching & Embodied Coaching you chose to go of the beaten path and open your horizon for all sorts of possibilities

benefit 2

When you start to listen to your body, you will make better choises and live a better balanced life

benefit 3

Getting rid of unwanted stress and get tools how to recognize and avoid stress, through Outdoor Coaching and Embodied Coaching

benefit 4

Your confidence will grow once you start feeling the benefits of coaching, which will make you feel stronger

Our Services

Bluebell Coaching offers a diverse range of coaching styles with the focus on Outdoor Coaching and Embodied Coaching. This unique combination makes it that Cat can help you find the problem and provide bedding and best tool so you can grow and move on

Outdoor Coaching

We walk, you talk, I listen and world changes

Trauma Coaching

Tackeling Trauma head on. It will give you new insights and you can then move on

Embodied Coaching

By becoming aware of body sensations, you will be able to make better decisions

Cat Boersma in her office "Bosbad"Amersfoort