Outdoor coaching for expats

What is Outdoor Coaching?

Outdoor coaching is coaching in the open air, preferably in nature. Although coaching in a city or village is possible. While walking we create a different energy as opposed to sitting in an office. It is more than a combination of walking & coaching. In addition to walking while talking, we also do coaching exercises outside where nature offers wonderful opportunities for reflection.

When you walk, you literally and mentally move!

You are not static towards someone who asks questions, but you walk together. When you use your left and right hemispheres at the same time, you connect your rational & analytical brain and your more creative side of your brain. Relationship and feeling combined. “Thinkers” go according to their feelings and that is valuable, because that is often where the solution lies.

Everything you experience can be used in a symbolic & metaphorical way. Nothing is set in stone. It is what you feel and see. You give them meaning and you interpret them in your own unique way.

Cat Boersma Bluebell coaching expat coach

The Great Outdoors

As an Outdoor Coach I will use tools during every coaching session to make you aware sensations given by your body and think. I do this by asking you specific questions and by doing exercises. I’m straight to the point and don’t like fuss. As a result, you know exactly what you get from me in every session and where you stand.

You will experience enormous personal growth through my coaching style. When you find out what you need to do, to achieve your goals, you will actually achieve those goals.