Coaching Outdoors podcast


Bluebells are such a hardy little plant; underground for three seasons and then they come back in spring. Strong, vibrant, green… It’s magic.” 

Cat Boersma, former social worker, coach, founder of ‘Bluebell Coaching’ and outdoor person at heart works predominantly with members of the expat community in the Netherlands. 

We interrupt her two-month retreat to England to learn about her recent career transition from social worker to coach and qualifying as an ‘Outdoor Life Coach’ under Peter Kryger through the Atma Institute. 

She shares her decision to take time out to resource herself amongst the English countryside in spring, why she always carries juggling balls or bubbles in her back pack and the challenges she’s faced setting up her business.

Shortly after taping the fist podcast I was asked to join again as part of a wider audience to tell youall about Outdoor Coaching.


There is nothing better then being able to coach Outdoors with fresh air and nature as a natural extra tool. 

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