Start creating abundance with intention

Vision boards are powerful tools for clarifying and creating what you most desire in your life. 


They combine pragmatic goal setting and planning with visual affirmations and the magic of manifesting in concert with the universe. In my Visionboard Workshop, I will guide you through the steps of creating a Visionboard that is perfect for you right now.

Every first Saturday of the month

1 group with a maximum of 6 participants

1PM till 4 PM

Come with a friend or friends!

Small groups of maximum 6 participants

Cost per person € 50,- euro

I will provide drinks, snacks, paper for Vision Board, scissors, glue and a few magazines. I advise you to bring your own magazines, pictures, quotes, words and doodles that mean something to you. 

Visionboard worskshop Bluebell Coaching

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What to expect?

Making a Vision board is a very personal process. I have been making my Vision boards for the past 15 years. Every time I feel the need to make my dreams and goals visual, I make a Vision board. It is not magic, and it is not something that happens overnight. For success with manifestation, you have to set your intention, believe that it will become a reality, then take active steps towards making that abstract idea come to fruition. No matter what your goals are, a Vision board is a great tool to have during your journey!

you decide what you want to put on your board and is important to you.Here are a a few simple steps to get started:

– Set goals and prioritize

– Create a basic structure for your Vision board

– Write goals and ideas on your Vision board

– Find images and words for your Vision board

– Sort and arrange the images and words

– Edit and create your Vision board

– Glue your images, words, doodles and sketches