If you’re interested in creating a visionboard for the coming year (or any time period or subject!), then I’d love to have you join me for a workshop or contact me for a one on one session.

If you are looking for

 Clarify values, create your joy list, and reflect on your purpose

⭐ A review of the past year as well as a status check on where you are in each area of life

⭐ Consider what you want to release from this past year

Visionboard in progress

How to make a visionboard that works. 

I’ll guide you through my process for making a powerful and effective visionboard over the course of 1 workshop session:

5 Visionboard Formats

Tutorials provided for several visionboard formats.

Poster Board – A tried & true favourite. Cut and paste to make a large vision board to hang on your wall. 

Digital Vision Board – Go all digital with an easy-to-use web-based graphic design program. Update any time!

Accordion-Fold – Create a vision board that you can display on a shelf or fold up and take with you.

Visionboard Cards – Make small, topic-specific visionboard collages. Display one or a few at a time, take them with you, or use as journaling prompts.

Shadow Box – Make a visionboard inside a shoe box, combining 2D images and words with 3D objects.

My preferred method is the Poster Board for my workshops, as you can than feel and emerge in the physical process.

This first session will help you create the foundation for a powerful visionboard and a life that you love.

It will also help you lay the past year (or period or subject) to rest before setting intentions for the New Year (or new period ahead of you).

And that’s just the beginning!

I have been making Visionboards for well over 15 years now. I do not do them in regular interval, but always when I feel the need to make one. It can be about anything, from personal subjects like health improvement to my work as a coach and my business. It has helped me to put things into perspective.

Would you like to make your own Visionboard?

Would you like to visualize your dreams, goals or vision?


Iris van ‘t Riet – followed a workshop Visionboard making

Cat is a driven and compassionate life coach, with a great combination of good intuition and a profound skillset. Her use of nature as a guideline in sessions creates an easy access to in-depth inner processes.

If you’re interested in creating your visionboard, then I hope you will join us! I’d love to share my process with you!!