Embodied coaching for Expats is the guidance through the signs of your body. Our life story is imprinted within our body, and by using this information, you will lead to more awareness, resilience, focus and stress management. Everyone’s body store patterns that are guiding our thoughts, feeling and behaviors. By using bodywork, you learn to understand and change those patterns. 

You can learn to give words to your physical sensations, so that you contact your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body in full consciousness. 

A girl receiving CST treatment, Osteopathic Manipulation and CranioSacral Therapy for children

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is the way we are and how we feel.  It’s how we relate to ourselves and others as a whole person – through both our body and mind.  Often, we might only be aware of how we are only through our thoughts, we ignore our physical sensations and feelings.

When we are exploring things from a place of embodied self-awareness we are fully present in both our body and mind.

What is embodiment coaching?

In embodiment coaching sessions we explore a topic from both the perspective of our mind and our body.  The body can give us very clear signals as to how we feel about something. We might squirm if we don’t like something, grit our teeth if we’re angry or feel butterflies in our belly if we’re excited.

Through coaching with the body, deeper change is possible, it’s faster, and it sticks.

What does an embodiment coach do?

Simply put, the goal of an embodiment coach is to get you more (or reconnected) with your body. The reason why you want that is because your body is the most powerful tool to experience your earthly experiences more intensely and to take control of your life. Think of it as authentic leadership; embodying who you really are.

We come from a period of living and acting from reason. We have learned that we must first think, weigh all options, analyze again and only then make a decision. We have forgotten to actually feel.

Fortunately, we are shifting to a paradigm in which our body also participates. Our body teaches us about leadership, strength and freedom. Our body can again weigh in our decisions. It leads us to a balanced guidance of our masculine and feminine energies, our yin and yang, our emotions and our actions, our present and our future.

The only problem is that most of us are disconnected from our bodies. The work of embodiment is that of cultivating deep trust in our bodies when we have lived in a world that constantly takes it away from us. This is exactly where an embodiment coach can help.

What to expect?

You choose a theme to explore and I’ll help you to unpack it by asking questions to clarify the topic.

We will sit and chat for some parts, you may be invited to move e.g. to walk, stand or hold a posture for a couple of minutes. Sometimes I might offer you some breath work or mindfulness techniques. These experiments are always invitations if one tool doesn’t resonate, we can try something else.

Don’t expect … 

to be offered solutions

to be given practises, if appropriate I may share some ideas

to be fixed, no one is broken

to get stuck in a story, coaching is about moving forward

to receive psychotherapy or counselling

Which techniques does an embodiment coach apply?

The goal of an embodiment coach is to bring you back into contact with your body, where all the answers are stored. But also where your unprocessed pain resides, those pieces that you can still look at and give targeted attention. That is precisely the reason why you sometimes keep talking to a psychologist or therapist for years and it doesn’t seem to get you anywhere. This is because we forget about the body. Trauma processing with embodiment coach is relatively new, because the profession of embodiment coach has only existed for a few years.

However, the methods that an embodiment coach can use to process trauma have been proven effective:

• Breathwork

• Stress regulation through energetic massages

• Fascia release techniques

• Various body-oriented exercises (with or without touching and everything in consultation)

• Meditation

Where, how, when? 

The first step is to book a discovery phone call to chat about what to expect and to see if embodied coaching would be a fit to what you’re looking for and if we connect.

One-on-one sessions can then take place in Amersfoort.  They last about an hour.  I’d suggest booking three sessions to begin with, so you get the feeling of if this coaching style. After the session try to have at least 30 minutes where you can allow ideas to integrate and settle before getting involved with work or with other people.

Would you like to know what embodied coaching can do for you? Try this pre-taped meditation. It is a cloud meditation that you can try from the comfort of you home.