Research has already shown how important nature is for our well being. As an expat it is the first and easiest way to discover the new area that you chose to life in. The combination of a walk, whether it be short or long, can really reset your brain and give you the boost you need to make your expat experience enjoyable.

How does connecting with nature helps us improve our mental health

Many of us spend much of our time on ‘autopilot’, lost in our thoughts, in ‘doing mode’ thinking about the past or fretting about the future, analyzing, comparing, judging, assuming, worrying and problem-solving rather than paying attention to our direct actual experience in the present moment. The result is that we feel stressed, anxious, fearful or overwhelmed by life’s events.

Coaching Outdoors is more than just talking and walking in nature. Nature can act as a mirror and is an excellent means of connecting us with our inner landscapes. By using symbols and metaphors it is easier to look at our lives from a distance and to let unconscious layers surface. Short systemic constellations or a voice dialogue exercise can also be done in nature, making use of natural elements that surround us.  Outdoor Coaching is very suitable for issues surrounding stress, uncertainty and burnout. But also for topics such as career, relationships, meaning and life course.

In spring and summer, nature has so much to offer – there is much to see, to take in, to explore and admire.  

As human beings (not human doings) we long to come back to our senses, to experiences that allow us to feel a connection with the world. Nature ignites and stimulates but it has a different effect on us than the stimuli of everyday life.

Wide lane in a forest in Amersfoort
Wide lane in a forest in Amersfoort
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